Hair Salons Jarrettsville MD
Posted on June 18, 2014 in Hair Styling

Hair Salons Jarrettsville MD

Hello there and thanks for joining us today on the blog page of Karma Hair Salon & Spa – your friendly, sophisticated, and professional hair salon in Jarrettsville, MD. Before we start chatting, let us first extend to you the warmest of welcomes to Karma Hair Salon & Spa! We hope that you will browse our site or- better yet- just come on in and let us meet you in person! In fact, if you happened to wander on to our blog page today, we are almost willing to bet that you’re in Jarrettsville, or other areas of Harford County, and you’re looking for a hair stylist that will make you look glamorous. Are we correct? If you are in the market for a fresh, new look, we invite you to come experience, firsthand, the warmth, professionalism, and artistry that our skilled hair stylists have to offer.

Now, let’s hunker down and get into our blog topic for today! (And, if you were in Jarrettsville, MD today, you know that it was a bit muggy and hot, hot, hot!) Needless to say, if you were out and about in this hot and humid summer weather, you may understand exactly why we have picked the topic that we did. Trust us when we say that today’s topic is one that we hear about from our clients every single year around this time. Any guesses as to what we’re hinting at????

If you guessed that our topic of discussion today is frizzy hair, you are either 1) a hair stylist yourself or 2) someone that deals with the mad scientist look from time to time. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty gritty regarding this pesky problem!

Summer. Awwww, summer. Yes, sweet summer is upon us. Along with that, the beach and the pools and flip flops and summer dresses and the list of all-so-fantastic summery things could go on and on. There’s pretty much only one thing that can cramp this summer party. “What is it?” you would wonder if we hadn’t already said it above, right? Yes, frizz. Dreaded frizz. It seems almost impossible to avoid, right? You step outside, ready to run a few errands, and BOOM! There goes the hair. Your first reaction may be to dunk your hair in a sink full of hair spray. Don’t go there- that is only for emergency situations. (Just kidding. We would never advise doing that.) However, there are a few tricks-of-the-trade that can prove to calm this horrible hairy nemesis and let you win the battle to tame your locks!

  • First off, GEL. It’s tried and true. Dampen your hair and place just a small amount in your hand and rub it into your hair. Use a comb to distribute it through your whole head, if that makes it easier. Next, use your hands and gently rub your scalp (this will help create some volume). Let your hair air dry, preferably, and then create your fabulous style.

  • Another option is to use a men’s grooming cream. “But, I’m not a man”, you say? Let us assure you that men’s grooming creams do not discriminate among hair. It will work for women’s manes just as well as if you were a man. No joke. But, grooming cream can work wonders in that it not only smooths the hair cuticles but it also helps to control your hair’s natural texture. This method works great especially if you decide to use a flat iron or curler to style your hair.

  • Last but not least, camouflage! Get those Duck Dynasty images out of your head. You know, the purpose of camouflage is to disguise, right? So, when it comes to your hair, you can often disguise frizz with a bit of curl. When that humidity sets in, and it pumps up your hair to give a bit of extra volume, take advantage! (Now isn’t that a positive attitude?!)

Let us make you even more glamorous, Jarrettsville, MD!
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